Services and Solutions

Compute VSAT

Compute VSAT provides satellite-based broadband designed for the home and small office markets. This service competes effectively with terrestrial broadband solutions, while retaining the key satellite advantages of a South African-wide coverage, fast and flexible service deployment, designed for two-way communication. VSAT enables Internet access for anyone living in or operating from remote areas without access to terrestrial infrastructure.

· Uncapped service
· Suitable for voice data transfer
· High-speed connection with embedded acceleration, encryption and pre-fetching
· Operates in licensed spectrum and frequency ranges for superior quality
· Over-the-air software upgradeability
· Over-the-air monitoring and diagnostics tools
· Highly process-tolerant to real-time applications
· Includes a firewall with NAT, port forwarding and filtering. Filtering also includes the ability to rate limit certain type of traffic, such as video or P2P
· Underlying technology: Satellite

· No fixed lines required
· Not coverage dependant
· Suitable for single voice line
· Very low contention ratio
· Bundled with customer premises equipment (CPE) and device
· End-to-end solution
· Optimised for coverage in remote areas
· High performance and wide availability
· Low-cost satellite connection
· Easy and fast point-and-play installation