Services and Solutions

Hardware Installs and Upgrades

Understanding when a customer needs to upgrade their IT systems is a key feature within Compute. Working with the latest Desktop and Server Software and Hardware can improve a business’s productivity and Compute can help with the migration from older, unsupported systems to the current Technology available, as well as Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013 platforms.

Compute will work with you to design the look and feel of your desktop environment, including any business specific customization, pre-install all software that is consistent to all users, and then take a snapshot of the machine for deploying to all machines. By using this imaging solution we can ensure that all systems are installed and built to the same specification and reduce the deployment time of a PC from the hours it can take to complete all the individual software installations through to minutes to install a full system.

By creating a standard image file for your business, any new systems that are brought in will be configured in an efficient and consistent manner with the rest of the desktop infrastructure. In the event of a machine failing, the imaging solution can deploy a new standard build back to the desktop in a matter of minutes, reducing the overall downtime to the user and keeping productivity as high as possible.

Compute has proven experience in desktop replacement rollouts, and can pre-build and store pre-configured desktop systems in our workshop environment ready for deployment to customer premises.

The same practices can also be applied to Server architecture and again we are able to offer you the latest to ensure that you are receiving a robust product with a long-term, manufacturer-backed warranty for peace of mind over the life of the product in your business. We will work with you before any order is placed to ensure that the server specification meets your business needs, both for now and the next phase of your business development.

If there are other products that you are interested in working with, at Compute we can also offer an installation service for Printers, Networking equipment, desktop peripherals and a wide range of backup devices, so you can be assured that whatever your IT requirement is we have the ability to install this for you to your specifications and within your required timeframes.