Servers and Networks


Compute have been designing networks for customers for over 20 years, and have a proven, methodical approach to their design and implementation. From simple office ADSL connections through to corporate WAN solutions covering multiple and remote locations, Compute’s dedicated Network team are able to provide the solution that is right for the end-users’ needs. Computer viruses and malicious attacks are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Firewall and security protection is now essential for any business with an office network connected to the Internet. Compute can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from providing security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy at all levels of your network.

Compute’s network experts can be onsite to help you:

• Perform comprehensive security audits.
• Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks.
• Set up firewalls and network devices.
• Configure secure access for remote access.
• Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam.
• Develop a security strategy with 24×7 monitoring.
• Provide on-site and remote service.
• Troubleshooting for network problems