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Cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform

Our teaching tools make it easy to lead learning whether your students are in school or at home – and they’re simple to maintain too!

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Easy breezy, low-cost, cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform for schools provides a range of tools that help teachers manage and control online class behavior (helping to keep students focused and on task), plus a set of simple yet effective teaching tools to support engaging and meaningful learning experiences – whether it’s taking place in school or remotely at home.

Developed with teachers, for teachers, enables teachers and students to move between conventional in-person learning and remote schooling – ensuring a high quality and consistent learning experience in any scenario, and all without having to switch platforms (no stress or disruption caused!).

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What does do?

It’s the ideal cloud platform for effective classroom management and teaching, whether everyone is together in the classroom or learning remotely at home. With no swapping between solutions for the different scenarios, it’s a great way to provide continuity for students – and teachers too! was recently awarded a certificate of Pedagogical Quality by Education Alliance Finland – read the full ‘evidence of impact’ report here.

Real-time instruction

Share your screen and audio to help explain lesson activities, plus, interact with the class and give every student a voice with chat and messaging tools. Launch websites and applications directly on students’ devices to help save time!

Assess and support

Use surveys to quickly gain an insight into everyone’s topic understanding and assign rewards to your students throughout the lesson – plus, deliver support quickly and easily when students ask via the help request tool.

Manage online behavior

Need to get your students’ attention? Simply lock their screens! Plus, help them stay on task by easily monitoring what they’re typing and who they’re collaborating with, and controlling the applications they’re using and websites they’re visiting.

Stay safe

Shield your students from unsuitable content by using ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ website and application lists to ensure they only have access to what they need for the lesson.

What are the benefits of has been developed with valuable input from teachers and the result is that it’s so simple to use. With clear, intuitive controls and the ability to interact with your virtual classroom in real time in just a few clicks, cloud-based teaching and learning has never been so easy!