solutions servers networks support maintenance
solutions servers networks support maintenance

We offer a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to your needs. Our team of consultants will work with you to develop a customized solution for your organization.

When it comes to servers, networks, or even any other ICT-related matter, we have the expertise you need. Whether it's building an entire system or just installing new hardware, our team is on hand to deliver.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer regular tech support with our Service Level Agreements that enhance your institution and significantly reduce downtime.

Compute supplies solar solutions from start to finish. Get a customised solution tailored to your specific needs. Start saving money on that electricity bill today!

Security Audits

Compute offers expertise in system and security audits and utilises industry recognised and standard tools in order to help identify potential security problems.

A Network Security Audit examines the effectiveness of an organization’s security solutions, procedures and policies relating to hardware, software and users.

A Network Security Assessment comprises of:

  • – An examination of network topology
  • – An audit of the firewall and server configurations
  • – An audit of the security solutions currently in place
  • – A review of security policies
  • – A detailed report of the findings, issues and recommendations

Network Security Auditing includes:

  • – Access control
  • – Backups
  • – Antivirus
  • – Logging and monitoring
  • – Business continuity
  • – Vulnerability Management
  • – Penetration Testing

Business Continuity Services


It may be that you need a more reliable internet connection or some kind of Disaster Recovery service to ensure that your business can continue to run when other circumstances prevent regular access to systems. We can provide off-site Data and Application Hosting in the Cloud to ensure that your business remains operational at all times.
Cloud Services can offer you many more advantages and other options are also available. Should you require any more information on how Compute can bring Cloud Services to your business and ensure that you remain operational at all times please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Web security

We can provide you with the tools to protect your business from Internet-based threats including Malware and Spam, in addition to utilities that will enable you to control what websites your employees are visiting.

Hosted desktop solutions

By porting your Desktop applications into “The Cloud” you can provide your employees with connectivity to their business applications from anywhere using a wide range of devices.

Cloud based services

If you are wondering what “The Cloud” and “Cloud-Based Services” all means to you, Compute are here to advise and assess its suitability for your organisation; to see how we can improve system availability, boost efficiency and increase the return on investments you make. By moving your IT infrastructure across to a “Cloud” based solution we can provide you with a blend of distinct services that can benefit your business.

Compute VSAT

Compute VSAT provides satellite-based broadband designed for the home and small office markets. This service competes effectively with terrestrial broadband solutions, while retaining the key satellite advantages of a South African-wide coverage, fast and flexible service deployment, designed for two-way communication. VSAT enables Internet access for anyone living in or operating from remote areas without access to terrestrial infrastructure.

· Uncapped service
· Suitable for voice data transfer
· High-speed connection with embedded acceleration, encryption and pre-fetching
· Operates in licensed spectrum and frequency ranges for superior quality
· Over-the-air software upgradeability
· Over-the-air monitoring and diagnostics tools
· Highly process-tolerant to real-time applications
· Includes a firewall with NAT, port forwarding and filtering. Filtering also includes the ability to rate limit certain type of traffic, such as video or P2P
· Underlying technology: Satellite

· No fixed lines required
· Not coverage dependant
· Suitable for single voice line
· Very low contention ratio
· Bundled with customer premises equipment (CPE) and device
· End-to-end solution
· Optimised for coverage in remote areas
· High performance and wide availability
· Low-cost satellite connection
· Easy and fast point-and-play installation

Data Cabling

Your structured cabling system provides the critical foundation for your business. The caliber and performance of your Information Systems and the networks they run on, can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment.

Our structured cabling systems provide outstanding performance, reliability, manageability, and a potential for growth. Compute carry out structured cabling installations for commercial customers throughout South Africa. We install both data & voice cabling using highly-experienced and trained staff.

Our main focus is the installation of unshielded category 5e and category 6 cabling solutions although Compute can provide fibre installations if that is a requirement. All data cabling works are fully specified at the outset, performed in full accordance with prevailing standards and certified after completion.

We can install the following cabling solutions for you:

– Category 5e Structured Cabling
– Category 6 Structured Cabling
– Shielded Category 5e and Category 6 Installations
– Multimode Fibre Optic cabling
– Telephone cabling

We have the knowledge to get your cabling in place and working correctly from installation. At the offset of a new install, Compute’s experienced cabling installers will work with you to confirm data point locations, cable routing and comms-room presentation locations. We have performed installations in new buildings as well as existing (including warehouses and small office units through to new corporate headquarters buildings, Schools, FET’s, universities and hotels), so no matter the place we have the solution. All outlet faceplates are labelled with correct and valid numbering for ease of identification and troubleshooting, and we can also provide a map of the locations of each outlet we have installed to your premises if required.

The cabling products we use from various cabling suppliers have been found to be the most reliable for our installation work. Compute can also provide data cabinets from a range of manufacturers. We are also able to undertake repairs to cabling where required and are experienced in re-patching works, including providing full documentation, having carried such work out for many of our existing clients at this time.


With countless mobile devices and endpoints attaching to enterprise networks and wi-fi traffic already surpassing that on wire in many organisations, compute can provide wireless infrastructure that supports the rapidly-growing volume of voice, data, video, users, devices, and applications.

Users are demanding wireless services on par (or better than) those on wired connections, compute can deliver solutions that are secure, adaptable, manageable, cost-effective, scalable and available everywhere.

Wireless networks have become mission-critical, with wireless infrastructure now the primary — and even default — avenue for keeping business moving.

VoIP Telephony and Data Connectivity

Maintaining communications with your customers and business partners is pivotal to operations. Delivering a high-performance, cost-effective and feature-rich IP telephony and data connectivity solution to support your business model will enable you to realise the commercial benefits of an ‘always-on’ business.

Whatever your needs, Compute will advise and support you throughout the integration of an IP telephony or Data Connectivity solution that offers the functionality required for your business.

Wed and mail

We understand how important your Web presence is and also the necessity for your email to flow in and out to ensure essential communication is maintained.

To provide you with that vital element at Compute we are able to offer you Hosting Services for both your email and web portals, as well as registration and ongoing maintenance of your registered Domain names so that you don’t have to worry about their renewal or being taken away from you. We can then link these to your website and can offer Database or CMS (customer management services) services if required.

Hardware installs and upgrades

Understanding when a customer needs to upgrade their IT systems is a key feature within Compute. Working with the latest Desktop and Server Software and Hardware can improve a business’s productivity and Compute can help with the migration from older, unsupported systems to the current Technology available, as well as Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013 platforms.

Compute will work with you to design the look and feel of your desktop environment, including any business specific customization, pre-install all software that is consistent to all users, and then take a snapshot of the machine for deploying to all machines. By using this imaging solution we can ensure that all systems are installed and built to the same specification and reduce the deployment time of a PC from the hours it can take to complete all the individual software installations through to minutes to install a full system.

By creating a standard image file for your business, any new systems that are brought in will be configured in an efficient and consistent manner with the rest of the desktop infrastructure. In the event of a machine failing, the imaging solution can deploy a new standard build back to the desktop in a matter of minutes, reducing the overall downtime to the user and keeping productivity as high as possible.

Compute has proven experience in desktop replacement rollouts, and can pre-build and store pre-configured desktop systems in our workshop environment ready for deployment to customer premises.

The same practices can also be applied to Server architecture and again we are able to offer you the latest to ensure that you are receiving a robust product with a long-term, manufacturer-backed warranty for peace of mind over the life of the product in your business. We will work with you before any order is placed to ensure that the server specification meets your business needs, both for now and the next phase of your business development.

If there are other products that you are interested in working with, at Compute we can also offer an installation service for Printers, Networking equipment, desktop peripherals and a wide range of backup devices, so you can be assured that whatever your IT requirement is we have the ability to install this for you to your specifications and within your required timeframes.

Software installations and configurations

Each business is different and has differing needs for the software that they use within their environment and we realize that running the wrong software for your requirements can lead to more problems than it can solve.

Capturing your needs for a product accurately will ensure that the sourcing of software products delivers the right solution to you first time and then as the product is installed throughout your business you need to know that it is going to work reliably and efficiently at all times.

At Compute we will work with you to identify your software requirements and then act as the bridge between the software manufacturers and yourself to ensure that products are sourced correctly and introduced to your environment with minimal interference so that you can continue to operate whilst applications are installed around you. Our installations team will plan the best approach for a new product’s introduction with you and then install to the agreed schedule, making sure each client is working as you would expect every step of the way.

Solar power solutions

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Using solar panels to harness the power of the sun and batteries to store this electricity.

Compute supplies solar solutions from start to finish. Get a customised solution tailored to your specific needs.

We analyse your power usage and peak power usage, your pattern of electricity use, your roof space and your electricity bills to determine the solar solution that will save you the most money on your electricity bills and keep the lights on, while being a little friendlier to the planet.


Compute provide virtual infrastructure solutions for all environments. Our deep-rooted experience in virtualisation and partnerships with virtualisation providers enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for each customer.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a software technology that allows you to maximize the resources of a physical computer by running applications as virtualized workloads. Numerous applications and operating systems can run on one physical machine, resulting in significant cost savings on hardware, cooling and energy consumption. Compute have key areas of focus for virtualization

• Desktop Virtualization
• Server Virtualization
• Storage Virtualization
• Network Virtualization
Key differentiator at Compute is our expertise in both storage and virtualization, along with our ability to understand and bring these two disciplines together. Neither of these areas work effectively in isolation and Compute not only has the unparalleled knowledge of each environment, but understands how these infrastructures are interlinked.

Brief Benefits of Virtualization

Server consolidation and containment – Consolidate and contain your physical servers, reducing hardware and operating costs by as much as 50%.
Business continuity – Simplify and reduce the costs of your disaster recovery procedures, yet with faster, safer recovery targets in a virtualized environment.
Flexible management – Improve your business operational flexibility and responsiveness with less time spent configuring hardware systems and on maintenance.
Recovery speed and less downtime – Improve the overall availability of your systems, with less downtime, and the ability to migrate with no interruptions.
Improved carbon footprint – Reduce your carbon footprint with less hardware, power outage and air conditioning requirements.
Achieving more with less – Achieve more with less, maximizing the efficiency of your virtualization environment whilst considerably reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Server Architecture

Compute has the in-house ability to design and build any size Server installation, from single-server units through to enterprise installations, with a proven track record in delivering large-scale server deployments including clustered systems and enterprise-wide e-mail services. This design ability enables the end-user to specify their requirements and Compute will then design the system that best suits their needs, utilising leading brand components, fully tested and guaranteed. This service covers equipment manufactured by most suppliers backed up by both our support services and the manufacturers own support offerings.

Compute’s new premises, can ensure any quantity of server systems are delivered to your site in a pre-built state. Where possible, we will pre-configure the hardware and software before the equipment reaches its location, reducing the installation time on-site meaning your business has less of an impact during the overall implementation process.

VPN Solutions

Compute offers robust VPN solutions for companies looking to provide secure connectivity between remote workers or employees on the road as well as to head offices and other branch/satellite offices, using the Internet.

With high encryption and cross-platform compatibilities our VPN solutions deliver enhanced security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet.

We support major vendors VPN products including Cisco and Microsoft.

Virus Protection

Compute can create a virus prevention strategy best suited for your organisation.

We specialise in most major brands of virus and spam protection software, including Kaspersky and SpamTitan, so you can get the best software suited for your needs.

Traffic and system monitoring

Compute also have a dedicated monitoring system for client networks and customers are welcome to sign up to the services that this provides in order for them to be made aware of potential problems with their systems before they escalate.

Security planning and compliance

Every business should have a designed and carefully thought out security strategy that includes both proactive and reactive plans. The proactive or “pre-attack” strategy should include steps that help to minimize vulnerabilities and risk. The reactive strategy or “post-attack” strategy should include the proper steps in assessing the damage caused by the attack and steps in recovering the systems or network as soon as possible.

Compute’s IT consultants can help you perform a full risk assessment and define network security strategy to help minimise or eliminate the possibilities of attacks and threats.


Compute have been designing networks for customers for over 20 years, and have a proven, methodical approach to their design and implementation. From simple office ADSL connections through to corporate WAN solutions covering multiple and remote locations, Compute’s dedicated Network team are able to provide the solution that is right for the end-users’ needs. Computer viruses and malicious attacks are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Firewall and security protection is now essential for any business with an office network connected to the Internet. Compute can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from providing security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy at all levels of your network.

Compute’s network experts can be onsite to help you:

• Perform comprehensive security audits.
• Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks.
• Set up firewalls and network devices.
• Configure secure access for remote access.
• Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam.
• Develop a security strategy with 24×7 monitoring.
• Provide on-site and remote service.
• Troubleshooting for network problems

Project Management

Compute understands the need to have an accurate and shared understanding of the project goals from the outset, and we achieve this using requirements-gathering sessions involving relevant parties with input to the project, be that management, technical, user or a combination of all of these elements.

For our ongoing projects, we work in close partnership with our clients’ management teams, helping them to shape and implement their ideas. By taking the time to develop a clear understanding of the goals and objectives surrounding our clients’ requirements, we provide better solutions that are more robust to the effects of change and scalability. We provide a single point of resource for a variety of IT Project Management services and maintain the necessary flexibility to enable a customised response to unique projects.

Experienced project managers, with both technical and people skills, implement lines of communication that maintain both client awareness and project team focus throughout the project life-cycle. Using processes developed on an extensive range of projects we lead and co-ordinate by providing a balanced allocation of risk, responsibility and control. At Compute, we become part of your internal project team and work as one of you, rather than as an outsider.

Quality is a continually evolving process and it applies to all phases of the project and to all deliverables – including documentation and internal / external procedures that may be developed during the project cycle. Each project concludes with a post-project review in order to make the best use of lessons learned, both for future projects with the client we have been working with, or other clients with similar needs.

Our projects do not normally end with the final delivery and sign-off, and many of our clients will then take out our support services so that we can continue to look after the implementation as it is used by their business.

Ad hoc support services

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a support contract with Compute – we are still there to assist and can provide support for you on a case-by-case basis. Our experienced on-site support team can come out to your premises and carry out applicable works for you at your request and specification.

All types of on-site work can be carried out including PC relocations, software installations, server work, cabling works; please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to advise how Compute can help you.

Compute’s on-site support service is available when you need it and covers a wide range of products and services when clients need an on-site technical support presence.

Including both installation and fault-finding services, our on-site support services include, but is not limited to:-
• Server installations
• Network installations
• Workstation installations
• Network Security
• Server Hardware / Software support
• Network troubleshooting
• Workstation Hardware / Software support
• System performance enhancements and rebuilds
• Virus / Malware removal
• Infrastructure expansion planning

Service level agreements

Compute can provide a support package that’s right for you, from basic Desktop application support up to full enterprise-wide server and network support, covering the hours that suit you.

We know that no two customers are the same so tailor-made support packages are available. Support can be provided over a range of timeframes (business hours Monday to Friday, business hours Monday to Sunday, 24×7, for example) and covering the equipment that you need support on. We can provide software and hardware support on the full range systems, as well as the full suite of Microsoft products.

Working within Service Level Agreements is not new to us and we can tailor a support contract as required to meet with your business needs, providing regular update meetings with you, as well as regular reporting to show how we are meeting the SLAs that have been put in place.

Once a Support Contract is in place, you will have access to the full range of Compute support offerings. From our centralised Help desk function we can control your machine and see what you are seeing, reducing on the need for engineers to visit your site, getting you back up and running quicker. We have a team of experienced engineers in-house that will look after your support needs, and where site visits are required these will be carried out by our own support resource so you know you will be getting support from someone who knows your case history.

Full support packages covering desktops, network and servers are not a problem to Compute and the whole group has the ability to take on your support needs, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. With the suppliers and manufacturers, you have another level of assurance that your needs are always to be attended.